Coordinator Game Plan

Triad Holiday Challenge Coordinator Game Plan

  • Make sure to register your company for the Triad Holiday Challenge. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete the form. Estimate the number of boxes your company will need. Please realize that Old Dominion cannot deliver additional boxes later in the campaign; therefore, you may want to overestimate the number of boxes you will need by 10% to 15%. Unused boxes will be picked up on Dec. 11 with the food and used at the Holiday Concerts.
  • Please read the FAQ and be familiar with the important dates of the campaign and the items most needed by the Salvation Army’s local food pantries.
  • Don’t forget about FOODx2! If your company donates any of the most needed foods, those items will count double!
  • You can also collect money from employees and customers for the Challenge. Every $ 1 donated is converted into 3 cans of food by the Salvation Army food pantries! For this reason, each $1 counts as 3 cans for your company’s total can count!
  • Plan when and how you will communicate the Triad Holiday Challenge to your employees. Make sure to plan reminders throughout the campaign to keep it top of mind with your workforce. Download Triad Holiday Challenge Posters/Fliers to help spread the word.
  • Depending on the size of your organization, consider appointing a team of employees who are charged with driving the campaign in your organization. An energetic group of committed volunteers can go a long way in ensuring your company has a successful campaign

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